spring 1993

Dreadful Shadows were formed. Members: Sven Friedrich (voc., ac. guit., keyb.), Reiko Jeschke (guit.), Frank Hofer (guit.), Jens Riediger (b), Ron Thiele (dr., backing voc.).

summer 1993

Reiko leaves the band, Stefan Neubauer is the new guitarist. demo production.


deal with the label 'Sounds of delight' (SPV)

autumn 1993

production of the debut album 'Estrangement' at Sonic Art Studio, Bad Laer


'Estrangement' release; many concerts in Germany, Netherlands, England and Denmark


The producer of 'Estrangement', Hartmut Bredemann dies in a carcrash.


The band is opener at Zillo Festival Tour with 'The Eternal Afflict', 'Armageddon Dildos' and 'Christian Death'

spring 1995

production of 'Homeless E.P.' at Sonic Art Studio, Bad Laer


'Homeless E.P.' release and Tour with 'Cyan kills e.coli' (Ex- Eternal Afflict)

rest of 1995

concerts and festivals in Germany and Europe, like 10/1995: Mise Noir Festival in Madrid with Mephisto Waltz, Girls under Glass etc.
Wnew record deal with Deathwish Office / Nuclear Blast (EastWest).

spring 1996

production of 'Buried again' at Thommy Hein Studio, Berlin
Stefan Neubauer and Frank Hofer (both guit.) leave the band; André joined us, as the 2nd guitarist Basti (formerly 'Die Vision', now 'in extremo') helped us out.

summer 1996

concerts and festivals in Germany and Europe, like Sacrosanct Festival in London with Vendemmian, Rosetta Stone, Garden of delight etc.; opener for New Model Army in Belgium


'Buried again' (Top 10 DAC) release, Norman Selbig (guit.) joined the band; thereafter first headliner tour and festivals in Germany and Europe.


Dreadful shadows appear at Zillo Festival Tour for another time (with Blind Passengers, Armageddon Dildos)

summer 1997

new record deal with 'Oblivion / SPV' (SPV)
production of the album 'Beyond the maze' at Thommy Hein Studio, Berlin


release of the single 'Burning the shrouds' (Top 5 DAC, 20 weeks in the roadshow charts on Radio Fritz)


Support- Tour with Paradise Lost


'Beyond the maze' release (Top 5 DAC)


Headliner tour in Germany and festivals in Germany and Europe, like WGT Co-Headliner Haus Leipzig)


Headliner at Rock-Festival in Beirut (Lebanon)
Zillo Festival (with The Cure, Rammstein, Lacrimosa)


'Beyond the maze' resleased as double-CD including a live- CD from the tour in april;
release of the VHS video 'Insight', touring in Germany and Europe.


Produktion der production of the single 'Twist in my Sobriety'


release of 'Twist in my sobriety' (Top 5 DAC);
production of the album 'the cycle' begins.


video shoot for the single 'Futility' in Kiev,

summer 1999

several festivals, like Doomsday (with Type o negative, Deine Lakaien, Project Pitchfork etc.), EuroRock in Belgium (with Paradise Lost, Deine Lakaien, Project Pitchfork, The Creatures etc.) and so on.


release of the single 'Futility' (Top 5 DAC)


release of the album 'the cycle' (Top 3 DAC)

from autumn 1999

bigger tour in Germany and Europe (Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Poland)


Dreadful Shadows split up
Re-release of 'Estrangement' and 'Homeless E.P.' in a double-digipack


the last tour in Germany .